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As our pets live longer veterinarians are faced with many of the same concerns as human physicians. Older pets are more prone to organ failure, cancer and oral disease. The Complete Health Profile is part of our effort to avert or lessen the impact of potential problems to your pet’s health. The Complete Health Profile is an extension of our regular exam and in addition includes a Blood Chemistry Panel, a Complete Blood Count, an electrocardiogram, a Urinalysis or X-rays and possibly Thyroid Testing.

Preventive Medicine
An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Routine vaccination against major diseases as well as preventive medications to reduce heartworm and flea infestations are the backbone of illness prevention.

Our in house lab has capabilities for extensive blood chemistry testing and for blood counts. In addition we do urinalyses and fecal exams in house. Tests that cannot be run on site are sent to outside labs with results back overnight in some cases.

Most of the medications we prescribe are stocked in our on-site pharmacy for your convenience. You can also obtain these products at Vets’ First Choice.

Surgery is performed with the benefit of the safest anesthetics and heart monitoring. We can perform a wide variety of surgeries ranging from simple wart removal to orthopedics to major abdominal surgeries.

See below for typical examples of a dog’s mouth before and after cleaning. You can see what a dramatic difference we can make with a professional cleaning. Not only do cleaner teeth mean a better smelling pet, but it will reduce the risk of tooth loss due to gingivitis and reduce bacteria which can cause heart and kidney disease.

We offer supervised boarding services for your pets for stays of a few hours to a month or more.

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